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8.21 Bulletin Insert


Southern Methodist College – August – September 2021 Update



The first academic term of the fall semester began this week. Late registration is still possible. We also offer a flex scheduling plan that allows you to start now and have until December 13th to complete your work.

We have made some staffing changes for the new academic year. Dr. Hucks will continue as President and Academic Dean.  Rev. Dan Shapley will join us September 1st as Registrar and IT Director. Shekhinah Courson will become Administrative Assistant for the Administration.  Dr. Richard Blank and Mrs. Christine Gaskin will continue in their present roles.

The Lynn Corbett Library building is closed due to safety concerns.  If you need a specific resource from the Library, please contact Christine Gaskin at




We are grateful for the 25 students that we had opportunity to work with last year and are working hard to register current and prospective students for the new semester.  We are open and busy doing the work God called us to. We are glad that the coronavirus does not affect our ability to provide training over the Internet.

We received $2117 from the four conferences at the meeting of the four annual conferences in July. Thank you!

We are grateful to the WMS for providing project funds to purchase a new computer for the President’s office.  Dr. Hucks had been using his personal computer, which has become “old and cranky.”

We are thankful to God and to His people for gifts to pay our salaries and operating expenses. The financial model adopted by the Board last year is working. We finished the 2020-2021 fiscal year in the black. Thank you to all who give!



Pray for God’s leading as we continue to serve the Southern Methodist Church and the greater body of Christ!  We have excellent classes taught by excellent teachers who love God and His Word.

Pray for new students. Our goal is to exceed the 25 students we had the privilege of working with this academic year.  We believe that there are many more potential students who can benefit from our programs. Full tuition scholarship are available. Let us know if you are interested or know someone who is interested in our classes. Contact Dr. Blank at

Pray for giving to remain consistent and generous!


Thank you for your prayers and continuing support!

Dr. John Hucks, President  (