Master of Biblical Studies Degree (30 Semester Hours)

Purpose and History

Recent research done on Southern Methodist College graduates indicate that one-third have either been accepted in or completed graduate school.  The Master of Biblical Studies Program is designed to offer pastors and Christian workers of all denominations a graduate option for intensive study in Bible and related areas.  This program is intended to help the Christian worker to interpret the Bible accurately and to apply it more effectively in his professional ministry.



  1. This is a thirty-hour program. These five courses are required:


  • Bi 511 Systematic Theology


  • Bi 521 Old Testament Introduction


  • Bi 522 New Testament Introduction


  • Bi 540 Advanced Methodist Studies


  • Bi 601 Master’s Final Project


In addition, there will be five elective courses required from the list of the following course offerings.


  • Hi 513 History of the Christian Church I
  • Hi 514 History of the Christian Church II
  • Ph 512 Apologetics
  • Bi 500 Bible Elective I (Individualized)
  • Bi 501 Romans
  • Bi 506 Hermeneutics
  • Bi 510 Modern Theological Trends
  • Bi 600 Bible Elective II (Individualized)
  • CM 501 Methodist Discipleship
  • CM 512 Exegetical Preaching


  1. All courses are 3 hours credit and will be offered in a concentrated weekend format, once per month, or an internet format.


  1. Some courses may be combined with similar undergraduate courses, but the workload will be adjusted for master’s level.


  1. Students entering this program must have the following prerequisites: B. A. in Bible or Biblical Studies or 30 semester hours in Bible


  1. Students who do not meet the prerequisites stated above may satisfy them by taking an additional

15 hours of Bible or Religion courses (five additional courses). These courses would be taken at the beginning of the        program.


  1. A maximum of six hours may be transferred from an approved educational institution.


  1. All professors must have an earned doctorate and be proficient in the field in which they are teaching.


Financial Arrangements

It is our intention that this program will pay for itself.  The course rate will be $600 per course with $300 paid before the beginning of the course with the balance due by completion of the course.  The auditing fee is $300.  A student should not be allowed to start the next academic period until the previous courses have been paid in full.  Please contact the College with any questions at or (803) 534-7826.

Educational Objectives

  1. Demonstrate academic excellence as self-learners through broad reading habits, and through critical thinking, which challenges concepts, investigates alternative viewpoints, and forms personal conclusions.
  2. Evidence a Biblical world view that stresses Biblical truth as the foundation for all learning and provides a framework for interpreting, integrating, and assimilating information from various sources.
  3. Integrate cognitive content into personal value systems and practical applications
  4. Communicate effectively in oral and written English.
  5. Demonstrate self-understanding as the foundation for understanding individuals, institutions, or cultures in general.
  6. Develop vocational knowledge and skills for competent employment in a specific occupation.
  7. Discern individual and societal problems and apply Biblical solutions.


Southern Methodist ministerial students graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Bible will satisfy the educational requirements for a conference License To Preach and for ordination with Deacon’s orders in the Southern Methodist Church. Southern Methodist ministerial students graduating with a Master of Biblical Studies will satisfy the educational requirements for ordination with Elder’s orders in the Southern Methodist Church.


The College offers the Conference Course of Study Program (CCOS) to satisfy the educational requirements for ordination for students thirty years old and older who do not wish to pursue the Bachelor of Arts degree, nor attend seminary. Non-credit courses are offered on campus and externally through the Wesley Institute program. Upon request, each ministerial student will be given a Conference Course of Study check sheet to chart progress in satisfying the Conference Course of Study curriculum established by the General Conference Board of Administration of the Southern Methodist Church.


Ministerial students of other denominations should make inquiry with the appropriate denominational office for educational requirements for specific credentials within that denomination.