Southern Methodist College, an institution of the Southern Methodist Church, is a private, four-year, co-educational institution lending itself to Christian living and academic pursuits.   Students from different denominations and different countries are represented in the student body.

The College is located in the historic city of Orangeburg, South Carolina, forty miles southeast of Columbia and eighty miles northwest of Charleston. The offices of the College are at 541 Brought Street in Adden Hall, which was the estate of Frederick A. Adden that was donated by his wife, Harriett Lois M Adden, to The Southern Methodist Church in 1961.   This campus is shared with The Southern Methodist Church, New City Fellowship, and RISE Ministry.

Southern Methodist College is non-accredited. The College operates under charter from the State of South Carolina and by exemption from the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education in offering degrees in Biblical Studies and Religious Education. The College is a member of ACSI, the Association of Christian Schools International.

The present academic program of the College is offered primarily online. A limited number of courses are offered on-campus for local students and to provide courses of community interest.