Master of Biblical Studies Degree

 (30 Semester Hours)


Purpose and History

Research done on Southern Methodist College graduates indicates that one-third have either been accepted in or completed graduate school.  The Master of Biblical Studies Program is designed to offer pastors and Christian workers of all denominations a graduate option for intensive study in Bible and related areas.  This program is intended to help the Christian worker to interpret the Bible accurately and to apply it more effectively in his professional ministry.

·        Some courses may be combined with similar undergraduate courses, but the workload will be adjusted for master’s level.

·      Students entering this program must have the following prerequisites: B.A. in Bible or Biblical Studies or 30 semester hours in Bible.

·      Students who do not meet the prerequisites stated above may satisfy them by taking an additional 15 hours of Bible or Religion courses (five additional courses). These courses would be taken at the beginning of the program.

·       A maximum of six hours may be transferred from an approved educational institution.


The Bible Requirement

This is a thirty-hour program.  These five courses are required:

·       Bi 511         Systematic Theology

·       Bi 521         Old Testament Introduction

·       Bi 522         New Testament Introduction

·       Bi 540         Advanced Methodist Studies

·       Bi 601         Master’s Final Project



In addition, there will be five elective courses required from the list of the following course offerings.

·       Hi 513        History of the Christian Church I

·       Hi 514        History of the Christian Church II

·       Ph 502        Ethics

·       Ph 512        Apologetics

·       Bi 500         Bible Elective I (Individualized)

·       Bi 501         Romans

·       Bi 506         Hermeneutics

·       Bi 510         Modern Theological Trends

·       Bi 600         Bible Elective II (Individualized)

·       CM 501       Methodist Discipleship

·       CM 512       Exegetical Preaching