(120 Semester Hours)


The Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Christian Ministries is a double major program that prepares the student for competent leadership and effective ministry in a chosen field of Christian service or church related profession. The flexibility of this program allows student choices in elective courses related to a specific area of interest or ministry.  A student may select courses in the areas of pastoral studies, missions, youth work, Christian school education, or leadership and ethics.

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in Bible degree will consist of four components as follows:

General Education or Liberal Arts – 36 semester hours minimum

Bible major – 36 semester hours

Christian Ministries major – 36 semester hours minimum.

Unrestricted electives – 12 semester hours estimated.


Bible Major Objectives

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible provides the student a general education core requirement, a 36-hour Bible major, and a vocation related double major program in Christian Ministries in fulfillment of the general purpose and objectives of Southern Methodist College. 

The graduate of this program will be able to:

·       Interpret Scripture using the historical-grammatical method.

·       Exhibit a foundational knowledge of the integrated content of the Bible.

·       Describe accurately fundamental Christian doctrine and articulate a personal theology.

·    Demonstrate a Biblical philosophy of life reflected in personal ethics and personal characteristics necessary for effective ministry.

·       Communicate persuasively the Biblical message and minister effectively in Christian and non-Christian settings.

·       Research and compose scholarly papers.


Christian Ministries Objectives

In addition to the abilities gained through completion of the Bible major, the graduate will be able to demonstrate the following:

·       Integration of ministry theory into personal life and practical service.

·       Personal characteristics necessary for effective ministry, including the ability to work with and minister to all people.

·       Discovery and development of spiritual gifts.

·       Evangelization of the lost and discipleship of new Christians.

·       Leadership in implementing a philosophy and strategy of ministry that results in Christlikeness.

·       Evaluation of the spiritual needs of a group and the development of a ministry program to meet those needs.

The total number of semester hours required for completion of a Bachelor of Arts degree program is 120.


General Education Requirement (36 semester hours)

The Liberal Arts (general education) component for every B.A. student (day and evening) will be the same:

English – 15 semester hours

·       En 101 & En 102           English Composition & Grammar – 6 hrs.

·       En 203 & En 204           Literature – 6 hrs.

·       Sp 205  Speech – 3 hrs.

History / Social Science – 15 semester hours

·       Hi 101 & HI 102            History of Civilization – 6 hrs.

·       History elective – 3 hrs.

·       Ps 200   General Psychology – 3 hrs.

·       Ph 201  Ethics – 3 hrs.

Mathematics / Elective – 6 semester hours

·       Ma 101 College Mathematics – 3 hrs.

·       Liberal arts elective – 3 hrs.


The Bible Requirement (36 semester hours)

The Bible major for the four-year programs will consist of the following courses – 15 semester hours:

·       Bi 101         Old Testament Survey – 3 hrs.

·       Bi 102         New Testament Survey – 3 hrs.

·       Bi 106         Principles of Bible Study – 3 hrs.

·       Bi 201         Bible Doctrines I – 3 hrs.

·       Bi 203         Bible Doctrines II – 3 hrs.

The Bible major will also consist of seven elective Bible courses – 21 semester hours.


The Christian Ministries Requirement (36 semester hours)

The Christian Ministries double major for the four-year programs will consist of the following courses – 12 semester hours:

·       CM 101       Evangelism & Discipleship – 3 hrs.

·       CM 102       Introduction to Christian Counseling – 3 hrs.

·       CM 201       Survey of Christian Education – 3 hrs.

·       CM 203       Teaching Bible or CM 105 Sermon Preparation – 3 hrs.


The Christian Ministries double major will consist of six Ministries electives – 18 semester hours.  For Southern Methodist ministerial students, one of those electives shall be CM 104 Southern Methodist Discipline Study.

The Christian Ministries double major will consist of a six-semester hour internship program – 6 semester hours.

The General Elective Requirement (12 semester hours)

The Bachelor of Arts degree program requires twelve semester hours of general electives, normally four classes. These classes may come from any of the College course offerings or from transfer work from other institutions.