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Since 2000, many of our Southern Methodist College friends have been faithful continuing support partners of Southern Methodist College through the TNT Program. Presently there are 80 active TNT members. Our
goal is, through the Lord’s leading, to enroll 1,000 TNT members. Through these TNT members a regular monthly support is realized. Oh, what a blessing when our Business Manager’s secretary opens another TNT envelop with a monthly commitment enclosed. For some of you this may be the first time you heard of this program. For others this will be a reminder of the program and of how God is using it for His glory and the support of Southern Methodist
College. Therefore, allow me to briefly explain the TNT program to you. The acrostic TNT stands for Ten Hundred Netting Ten. Through this financial program individuals are encouraged to personally make a $10.00 or more per month commitment to financially support Southern Methodist College. The “T” Ten Hundred represents a thousand people N” Netting (or pledging and making) a monthly financial commitment of “T” Ten Dollars (or $20 or $30) or more to the operating budget of Southern Methodist College.



“The easiest way to financially support the college is through a monthly Credit Card payment. To pay by credit card, email Shekhinah Courson at telling her your donation amount and over how many
months you wish your donation to reoccur. She will set up a monthly invoice through our secure online cash register App sent to your email where you can enter your card information and pay your donation. You can email her at any time to cancel the invoices. Upon the receipt of the TNT enrollment, each participant will be mailed the TNT packet
containing a letter of appreciation, an 8 ½ by 11 inch certificate of membership, and twelve self- addressed envelopes (unless enrolled in the Credit Card payment plan) for sending the monthly TNT gift to Southern Methodist College.
Following the eleventh monthly contribution, the college will give each TNT member opportunity to continue his or her membership another year by sending a renewal letter, another certificate, and twelve more self addressed envelopes.



The Southern Methodist College family would like to invite you to prayerfully consider becoming a part of the present 80 TNT members. Our goal is to have our TNT participants reach that TEN HUNDRED (1,000) membership. Should you, after much prayerful consideration, decide to become a TNT partner, simply fill out the TNT application form on the back of this trifold and mail it to: Southern Methodist College, Attention Dr. Richard G. Blank, 541 Broughton Street, Orangeburg, SC 29115. Upon receipt of your application the TNT packet containing the
appreciation letter, your certificate, and twelve self-addresses envelopes (unless enrolled in the Credit Card payment plan) will be sent to you to begin your monthly TNT participation. Thank you for becoming a partner with Southern
Methodist College through your prayers, recruitment efforts, and TNT Membership.