The College adamantly holds a position of Biblical Theism and bases its educational philosophy on the belief that all knowledge comes from God.  All truth is God’s truth whether it be found in His Word or in His world, whether the student comes to know this truth through special revelation or natural revelation.

Therefore, Southern Methodist College believes that a strong foundation in liberal arts is essential to the well-rounded Christian education and that the Christian student must seek to understand the world and culture in which he will minister.  Acquaintance with non-Biblical subjects from a Christian worldview equips the student to understand himself and his society.

Christian education must operate from the premise that the Bible is God’s unique revelation to man and contains the answer to the human predicament; therefore, Biblical principles permeate every subject and every phase of college life as the primary focus of the educational program in which the content of all courses must be in harmony with the Word of God and all teaching must submit to the authority of the Bible as the infallible, inerrant Word.  Any secular teaching which contradicts the Bible is not held as truth.

Furthermore, Southern Methodist College recognizes that the Holy Spirit is the ultimate Teacher.  The faculty acknowledges their dependence on Him for strength and wisdom.  They also recognize that He alone can move within the heart of the student to bring understanding and conviction.

The College further believes that Christian education must be rooted in objective reality and absolutes as opposed to relativism and that any true principles of teaching will reflect the teachings of Scripture.  Christian education must embrace the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual, as well as the academic needs of the individual, through a curriculum designed to meet the needs of the whole person.

Through practical ministry internship programs, students gain the experience of applying classroom principles to their chosen area of service.  Southern Methodist College encourages the student to develop Biblical ideas and values through the integration of his college education with self-study and personal experience.

The entire educational process at Southern Methodist College is based on the belief that education is a life-long process.  Therefore, the task of the College is not only to instill the knowledge and skill necessary to function successfully in a chosen ministry, but also to develop within each student the ability and the incentive to continue the education process throughout life.  The spirit of personal investigation and synthesis is reflected in all educational aspects of the College program.